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Lemon the Parrot

some of Lemon the Parrot that people did for me... thank you so much!

Lemon the Parrot .:Drawloverlala:. by VeggieMadness::AT:: Lemon the Parrot by FOX-POPGift for Drawloverlala:  Lemon the Parrot by AyyyynowLemon the Parrot ((AT WITH DRAWLOVERLALA)) by 1XxAcexX1Lemon the Parrot/Cockatiel Design! by CooperGal24Lemon Dislikes Wearing a Chao Hoodie by AyyyynowLemon The Parrot! .:gift:. by Nonii-KSonic Y Lemon by Nonii-KLemon The Parrot by DrawbroFancy Lemon (art trade) by thegreatrougeLemon the Parrot by Kell0xLets get Ice Cream! by 1XxAcexX1Huuug For Lemon by saphira24667Prize: Lemon The Parrot by Denny-Art13Gift 5: Lemon The Parrot by Sonar15AT: Lemon the Parrot by OnstaGinger and Lemon by JC303




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Good Day!
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hola ... naci el dia de mi cumpleaños :XD: me gustan las flores blancas pequeñas y simples y me gusta el cielo despues de llover X3
tengo dos ojos, 5 dedos en cada mano y pie
y soy muy despistada..:meow:
no soy otaku pero me gusta mucho el anime
me gusta de todas las musicas(especialmente de videojuegos) excepto rancheras

Visit me on my new Tumblr!

Sonic is not the center of the universe ªwª

Mery by Drawloverlala Royal Heart poster by Drawloverlala
The day... by Drawloverlala manchas y pancho! by Drawloverlala
Guardian of Dreams by Drawloverlala Royal Heart-Revenge by Drawloverlala Royal Heart-Frienship or more by Drawloverlala Royal Heart Doodles -EDIT- by Drawloverlala Royal heart by Drawloverlala Queen Fairy by Drawloverlala I love u by Drawloverlala
Secret Garden by Drawloverlala Candy Candy by Drawloverlala




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NENIKAT Featured By Owner 1 hour ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Acabo de ver tu dibujo de Sonic Boom en la seccion de fanart del los comics!
Me alegre un montón cuando lo vi jaja :love:
Undergrizer Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Since same-sex marriage is now allowed, Sally and NICOLE will love - each other?
Drawloverlala Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
i don't think so... they are just best friends, just like Sonic and Tails and Amy and Cream..
(actually the fact that they are best friends means they love already.. but as friends.. :XD: )

but the fact that same-sex marriage now is legal on USA it doesn't mean Sally and Nicole have a romantic relationship now..

but .. maybe you should ask that to him if you have the chance  ^^;
NiciRyalis Featured By Owner Edited 2 days ago  Student Digital Artist
I hope not, because still same sex relationships are not allowed in most countries, USA isn't center of the world and each country has their own law. Same sex relationships are still hard to understand for smaller children and bringing this to children shows or comics may scare them.
It is and will be the most taboo subject on all over the world and mixing this with children's mind is dangerous because other says it's right and other it's wrong. It's not up to us to tell them if love another person with same sex is right or wrong, they must decide and discover it for themselves if they're ok with it or not. Especially people with different religions where homosexuality is a sin. Only thing we must teach them is understanding.
Also, it's totally ok if someone isn't exactly accepting same sex marriage. Unless they're acting aggressively and throws hate, just like homosexual protestants shouts how bad we are because we don't like homosexual marriage. It works in both ways. We must remain calm and share our knowledge.
People are different and others just keep forgetting about this.
Drawloverlala Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
well ... you have a good point there..  :nod:

EDIT: for anyone who reads this ...and just misunderstood the comment below....... Llama Emoji-66 (Orly) [V3]

i think she has a good point there.. because..
she basically said, "we must to teach understanding to children" and ..that's true!
and its basically the start point to people can be more tolerant about others  isn't it?

and now.. back on the topic...

we never said Sally and Nicole can't be shipped..
i personally think SEGA wouldn't "officially" make true the shipping on the comics...wich archie comics can't do anything on it that Sega doesn't want

so officially .. they are just friends...just like Sonic and Tails.. its a sisterhood relationship... (in my point of view)

but if people wants to ship them.. its ok.. nobody is saying its wrong and that you can't

but the fact that sex marriage is now legal at USA .. it doesn't really mean they now will be an official couple.. am i wrong?

besides like i said before.. they already love eachother as friends!
friendship love doesn't matter to anyone now? .. why it must be romantic love?  true frienship its love too!

but if you find it they have like a romantic relationship  its perfectly fine! nobody is telling you to not ship them..

besides the fact that the  same sex marriage is now legal on USA  it doesn't mean gay people couldn't be in love before or after... it just mean they can get married now.. that's all ..

and ITS a touchy issue?... yea its true..i mean some people can't have a different opinion about it without being tagged as homophobic...isn't it?

when people maybe ARE NOT like that...(that's why i've edited my comment here..  i'm not homophobic.. in fact i have a gay uncle.. and we respect and threat him just as all my other family members... see?)

so ITS a touchy issue.. that i doubt SEGA or archie would like to handle.... (i mean "officially" handle  because people's are free to ship whatever they wan't aren't they?)

unless they actually want.. but if you people.. have more doubts.. ask to Iann Flynn himself  if you can.. not me..

now to put things more clear.. we never meant someone gets offended...i know its a very hard to threat topic.. its too controvertial and polemic..

that's why i edited this comentary.. :(   so if someone still doesn't understand that we didn't meant anything offensive to anyone...  i'll hide this conversation ...
i'm not interested on start a internet fight or debate for such touchy issue

i hope you are ok with that U_U

first version that people might not understand (??)
<<<but i honestly think that SEGA and r archie comics wouldn't get into a very touchy issue like that...
i  think is not very convenient because of that and not is not relevant for the comics.. since they are trying to write it
more equal to the games canons recently.... >>>
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